Physics Exam-builder for HKDSE

written by Y. M. YEUNG

a Physics teacher with over 35 years' teaching and 25 years' public exam assessment experience

To the Students

Many people at first thought consider physics as a formidable subject full of abstract ideas and concepts. In fact, physics is so real in our everyday life. Kids often ask such questions "Why can't I jump high ? Why is the rainbow so colourful ? …" Many physical phenomena that we encounter everyday, whether visible and touchable or invisible and unnoticeable, can be explained by the principles of physics. Physics is both interesting and useful. Undoubtedly, physics plays an important role in the advancement of science and technology, and has become one of the fundamental subjects to prepare students for tertiary studies in the fields of science, medicine or engineering.

You have opted Physics or Combined Science (Physics) as an elective subject in your senior secondary education. Your choice is right because it provides a good intellectual training for students.

This series of books Physics Exam-builder for HKDSE, written in accordance with the latest NSS curriculum guidelines and examination requirements, aims to help you prepare the examination for Physics or Combined Science (Physics) effectively and confidently.

The immediate hurdle ahead of you is the HKDSE. Continual effort and good learning attitude is a must for you to obtain good results. With a wealth of various exam-type questions, this book is a useful supplement to textbooks helping you overcome the big hurdle ahead so that you can move a major step forward to fulfil your dream at university.

The Series

  • Electricity & Magnetism

  • Radioactivity & Nuclear Energy

  • Atomic World

  • Energy & Use of Energy

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