Book 2

Book 2 – Force and Motion (Second Edition)

ISBN 978-962-7326-97-7

Features of the Book

  • condensed and comprehensive notes illustrated with worked examples

  • carefully selected questions following the format and depth of treatment required in the HKDSE exam

  • questions arranged in a logical and systematic way in the same order as the HKDSE exam syllabus

  • questions with different difficulty levels are included to reflect the diverse abilities tested in the public examination

  • full solutions to most multiple-choice questions and full marking schemes for conventional questions are provided

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About the Book

Book 2 covers the topics of "Force and Motion", which lays the foundation of physics and the concepts are also used in other sections of the syllabus. Moreover, this section carries a significant weight in the HKDSE examination. It takes time for students to grasp the concepts and master the necessary skills in solving problems.

Some examination questions on this section cover integrated topics and require candidates' ability to comprehend an unfamiliar situation and to apply suitable knowledge in solving problems. In this book, although topics are grouped clearly in different chapters, some questions in a later chapter require application of knowledge learned in previous chapters. This will help candidates to consolidate their knowledge and to build up their confidence in tackling problems demanding higher order skills.


  1. Position and Movement

  2. Force and Motion

  3. Projectile Motion

  4. Work, Energy and Power

  5. Momentum

  6. Uniform Circular Motion

  7. Gravitation

Previous Edition

Physics Exam-builder for HKDSE by Y. M. Yeung

Book 2 – Force and Motion (First Edition) – Discontinued

ISBN 978-962-7326-64-9

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About the Book

Book 2 covers the topics of Mechanics, which is a foundation of Physics for many other topics. The name Force and Motion is used by the HKEAA for this section of the syllabus. In a sense this reflects some changes in the methodology in teaching and learning. It takes time for students to grasp the concepts and master the necessary skills in solving problems.

To make learning Physics more interesting, I have included relevant questions related to our everyday experience and new happenings, such as the docking of the Tiangong 1 space module with Shenzhou 8 spacecraft and the Wenzhou Train Accident.

Supplementary documents

Corrigenda (Second Edition)


Corrigenda (First Edition)