Book 4

Book 4 – Electricity & Magnetism (Second Edition)

ISBN 978-988-8438-07-5

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About the Book

Book 4 deals with the topics on the section "Electricity and Magnetism", which carries a substantial weight on the HKDSE syllabus and examination. Electricity plays an important role in the modern world in every sector of human activities. Every person nowadays has to use electrical appliances every day. Some general knowledge about electrical safety is essential. 

As a subject, learning this topic at DSE level lays the foundation for further studies in the field of science, engineering, and other innovative technological development. It is customary to name this section of the syllabus as "electricity and magnetism". In fact, there is a close relationship between them. An electric current produces a magnetic field, and magnetic fields interact to produce magnetic forces in motors. A changing magnetic field produces an induced e.m.f. which is the basic physics principle underlying the production of electricity using a.c. generators in power stations. The magnetism of a permanent magnet is in fact due to atomic currents caused by orbiting and spinning electrons. Hence except for static charges, the name electromagnetism is used to describe various phenomena relating currents, changing currents, magnetic fields and changing magnetic fields. 


Previous Edition

Physics Exam-builder for HKDSE by Y. M. Yeung

Book 4 – Electricity & Magnetism; Radioactivity & Nuclear Energy (First Edition) – Discontinued

ISBN 978-962-7326-70-0

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About the Book:-

Book 4 covers the compulsory topics "Electricity & Magnetism" and "Radioactivity & Nuclear Energy", with extension questions clearly marked so that they are also suitable for candidates taking Combined Science with Physics component.It is a useful supplements to textbooks. The questions appear in the order of the syllabus for easy reference. All questions are carefully selected to cover various question types requiring different levels of skills.

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